The novel coronavirus had a devastating impact on the performing arts. Our initial strategy was to sustain our organizations by scrambling for emergency funding. As we now emerge, we are confronted with a difficult reality: organizations have lost revenue. Replacing in-person offerings with virtual performances did not prove financially viable. Outdoor performances now require expensive COVID-19 testing and “bubbles,” all to perform before a reduced number of people.

To be sustainable, the performing arts necessitate the congregation of large groups of unrelated people in close proximity. Solutions to this reality require creative thinking that leverages government, foundations, private donors and the public. Wichern Arts Services LLC is here to provide financial expertise to that end.


WICHERN ARTS SERVICES LLC offers experienced financial management and archival services at an affordable price to small and mid-sized arts organizations, freeing staff to do what they do best: make art.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we wish to acknowledge the impact of your help, as you have been a part of the growth and success of Dancing in the Streets’ signature street dancer development program, It’s Showtime NYC!

Your help has empowered the IST program to prepare the dancers for the day when NYC will be open to enjoy live dance performances again. Thankfully, that day is upon us!
Erica Ruben, Executive Director, and the Board of Dancing in the Streets, Inc.

I have worked with Lynn Wichern in a number of ways for the past 6 years and have found her to be clear, direct, thorough and fun to work with. As a finance manager her work is thoughtful and precise, and her knowledge of systems and long term planning is impeccable. The archiving of the Cunningham Trust was nothing short of epic and I am sure that Lynn’s responsible and creative involvement played a great part in that project’s success. —Georgiana Pickett, Executive Director, Baryshnikov Arts Center

Lynn has true intuitive expertise, learned from years of non-profit experience. —Mara Greenberg, Director, Pentacle (DanceWorks), Inc.